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RC4wd launched a cost-effective four-channel remote control device-XR4, XR4 provides 2.4Ghz technology, 15 groups of Dinosaur Remote Control Car remote control model parameter memory, and th Red Remote Control Car e display also has backlight. The third and fourth channels of XR4 provide the control mode of three switch positions. I believe that climbing players will like this function very much. Details are in this article.

Features- Advanced ultra range 2.4Ghz system- Green circuitry (need only 4 AA batteries)-Large LCD display for manual adjustment- Economical designed large hand grip- Racing style steering wheel faux break disc- Nu Sonic Remote Control Car mber of model memory: 15- Failsafe function Source: RC4wd []Earlier this year, Dash (a brand of Arrowmax) launched a new competition-grade 1/10 brushless electronic transmission, Dash AI Pro, with a built-in 32-bit MCU controller, giving this ESC the potential for development and more features. Development in the direction of intelligence. Yesterday, Dash launched the AI ​​LCG (Low Center of Gravity) racing-grade electronic transmission. The low center of gravity is also lighter. Aim at the popular stock market, including flashing lights and open stock group events; built-in off-road mode and software with climbing features. In future Arrowmax events, this electronic transmission will be listed as the event control ESC, and the TLAB program will be preset. BEC adjustable 6v / 7V (3A), peak current 400A, continuous current 100A, input voltage 4.8-9.9VDC (2S LiPo / 2-3S LiFe), size 36mmx30mmx14mm, weight 27 grams. Product number DA-770003.

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