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Yokomo will launch the DIB Ver.RS version drift remote control car later this month, which should be an entry-level or intermediate product. Stay tuned for the latest news from RCFans.
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Losi will launch a 1/10 climbing car called the Night Crawler SE 4WD in March 2018. It will use an Exoskeleton roll cage housing and a bright LED light set, which can walk at night. Light up the road, ‘driving at night’ is the main game of this product.
Pro-Line launches special edition Ambush MT 4 × 4 1/10 four-wheel drive truck. Based on the Pro-MT chassis, plus the original Pro-Line Ambush body shell and the pre-installed roll cage (Pro-Line ’s Ridge-Line trail cage), the appearance is full of sense of crossing.Team Saxo launched an upgraded version of the carbon fiber board wing for the Traxxas Aftermarket Parts F1 remote control car, which is made of high-quality carbon fiber material, which is stronger and lighter. 1.5mm thi Subotech ckness, providing adjustable angle for players to adjust, suitable for Team Saxo F1 RC cars and major brands of Formula 1/10 (F1) RC cars.
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