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German Graupner X-8N / X-8E new generation flagship remote control. Large screen display, touch two-way transmission. As players’ requirements for remote control equipment are getting higher and higher, Graupner also launched two flagship remote control X-8N and X-8E remote controls; the design of X-8N also continues the layout of the traditional button method. The function is very powerful; the X-8E brin Hpi Hoonicorn gs mo Rc Drift Cars Cheap Price re appearance upgrades and new features, and a more remote sense of technology, using a digital integrated color touch screen display. With the Graupner GM series ESC and motor, HOTT (bidirectional transmission) can be realized. What is bidirectional transmission? Here is a brief introduction. For example, to set the ESC, you can set the parameters directly on the remote control. The ESC does not need to be connected to a computer or a setting card. At the same time, you can check the real-time return data (remote sensing) on ​​the remote control display screen, including temperature, voltage, capacity, current, speed, etc.

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Taiwanese engine maker STS has further expanded its engine product line. The first is the new S12XS, a 2.1cc RV engine. The engine uses a 12mm crankshaft and a Turbo top cover, and a 5port + Turbo fire nozzle. In order to meet IFMAR regulations, the S12XS also provides 3 port models for players to T Maxx Steering Upgrade choose from. In terms of 1/8 level road cars, STS has launched an S21R 3.5cc engine, which uses a 14mm balanced Luzhou and Turbo top cover, 5 Port ABC, a carburetor designed for a variable flow caliber, and a Turbo flame nozzle. Finally, in terms of off-road vehicles, the new S21T engine is similar in design to the S21R, but uses a larger cooling roof to meet the requirements of off-road vehicles. Source [RedRC]

Italy Novarossi upgraded their P5 engine product line and launched the 2019 S21P5XLT / 19 oil-powered off-road vehicle (1/8 Buggy) engine with 14.5mm crankshaft and 26mm large bearings. 3 oil needle 5 port design, lightweight R7 connecting rod is also standard configuration. This long-stroke engine has also been replaced with a new cooling roof. Parameters: 3.49cc rear row, 34.000RPM speed, front and rear steel bearings, 9mm carburetor, Turbo thermal head (CTO6), weight 375g, fuel consumption 25% nitro.

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