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Mugen Seiki (Japan Unlimited) introduces the new MGT7 oil-powered and MGT7E electric 1/8 GT flat road car. Based on the world champion MBX7 platform for research and development, some components have been modified to suit the requirements of GT-level remote control cars. Low center-of-gravity front and rear hydraulic mounts, 16mm diameter shock absorbers, dual differentia Best Rc Cars 2018 l straight shaft drive, CVA drive shaft, and uniquely designed shell pillars can provide a wider range of adjustments to suit a va Nikko Rc Cars riety of shells GT car shell), large front bumper (with sponge protection) can effectively absorb the impact of collision, and the side frame of the frame can effectively protect the interior electronic equipment and mechanical components.
The two-speed accompanying MGT7 from the oil-powered version comes from the world champion MRX5, which is easy to tune and reliable. Mugen will provide a variety of upgraded gear ratios for MGT7, allowing players to take advantage of MGT7 performance.

MGT7 Tamiya Blackfoot Body Features:
– Straight cut 18T bevel gear and 44T conical gears
– Front / Rear 16mm hard anodized threaded shocks with 3.5 shocks shafts
– Specially designed front / rear shock springs < br> – 3mm A7075 aluminium chassis
– 4mm A7075 aluminium front / rear shock towers
– 5mm A7075 aluminium lower suspension mounts for optimized geometry
– 150cc capacity fuel tank (MGT7)
– E0710 heavy duty aluminium clutch shoes (MGT7)
– Fully adjustable 2 speed gear box (MGT7)
– A7075 aluminium motor mount housing A (MGT7E)
– A7075 aluminium motor mount B (MGT7E)
– Specially designed front / rear body mounts
– New front bumper and foam

The brushless MGT7E is equipped with a unique battery holder that supports two sets of 2S lithium batteries and also supports a set of 4S lithium batteries. The newly designed motor mount can use a brushless motor with a higher KV number. The motor mount also has an extra 4mm fixing screw to ensure the motor is stable.
-Length: 494mm
-Width: 305mm
-Weight: Approx. 3600gr (MGT7)
-Weight: Approx. 3300gr (without battery) (MGT7E)
– Gear ratio: 1st. 11.43 / 2nd. 8.47 (MGT7)
– Gear ratio: 8.27 (MGT7E)
– Wheelbase: 325mm

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