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LRP launches their 1/8 brushless products! Including the Vector8 brushless motor is based on the technology of IFMAR World Champion XTEC X12, which is specially designed for 1/8 off-road vehicles. I believe there is no need to question the brushless power of LRP Xmax Rc Car in terms of performance! In a Rc Car Shop Near Me ddition, LRP also introduced the SPX8 Competition brushless speedo (electronic transmission), which is a race-grade electronic transmission based on the technology of TC-Spec electric transformers. The software is optimized for 1/8 cars! The 1/8 oil-to-electricity boom is unstoppable, and the 1/8 brushless products of LRP are believed to soon occupy a seat in the high-end market! More photos in this articleTekno RC launches NT48.3 1/8 oil-powered truggy kit. The newly designed frame optimizes the wei Tamiya Grasshopper ght distribution and strives to make the new car faster and easier to handle. Clutches, brakes, rear hubs, rear seats, etc. have been replaced with new components. Ryan Lutz won the runner-up at the 2015 ROAR National Race.
length 595mm wheelbase: 375-385mm width: 416-420mm differential gear: F / R – 9 / 40t, Center – 46t clutch: 4 slurry
clutch cup: 13t w / 5x13x4mm inner, 5x10x4mm outer bearing Fuel tank: 150cc

Serpent launched new products. The first is a carbon fiber front bumper for the S411 and 411 Sport electrical rooms, replacing the original nylon product. The second new product is an aluminum body pillar for 966 flat road cars, which is more durable and lighter. Sepent also introduced Cobra 1/8 Truggy Cobra Buggy with large bearings. -\u0026 gt; Click here to enter Serpent brand zone to participate in the discussion
New Cobra upgrades
966 shell pillars

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