Tamiya Rc Kits, Jconcepts Drag Car, Traxxas Slash Platinum

CEN Racing will launch the new MT series 1/10 straight axle electric truck at the end of May. The models are B50 and HL150, whi Traxxas Slash Platinum ch are authorized by Ford. RTR products, four-wheel drive, equipped with surplus power. The new car will be on display at the Solid Showdown event in Virginia, USA this weekend.

Sav \u0026 ouml Jconcepts Drag Car ; x’s SC-125x series servos are extremely powerful, and the speed is quite good. The steering gear is equipped with titanium-plated high-precision cutting metal gears to make the steering gear run smo Tamiya Rc Kits other and generate less heat. A 12-bit microprocessor can process signal pulses more quickly. There are several models to choose from. Among them, SC-1256TG is very powerful, the torque reaches 20kg-cm \\ 15 sec / 60 °, and the speed of SC-1257TG reaches 0.07 sec / 60 °, which is quite fast in a 10kg-cm torque servo.

Pro-line introduces new 1/8 off-road tires, which are developed from the old Hole Shot MTR. The first official use was at the US truck Nationals and won the championship. .

This tire is available in M2 (medium) and M3 (soft) formulas. It uses an oversized inner liner to prevent the tire from over-inflating when accelerating. The small spike design can Use on firmer roads

Awesomatix from Russia will launch a limited edition MMCX-Middle Motor Conversion Set to the same factory A800X electric motorhome. This kit can make the four-wheel drive system more symmetrical, including equal-length front and rear drive belts and the same belt pressure, and the interaction force is more even during acceleration and braking. Limited kits, I believe the recent sale.

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