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We took a lot of photos of the new Cyclone D2 at the exhibition last week. Now HPI has released the official information. The new car has improved in strength, adjustability and ease of maintenance. The most noteworthy are the aluminum chassis made by 7075, and the battery compartment specially designed for lithium batteries.

-7075-series aluminium main chassis
-Fits 6-7 cell NiMH battery packs or RC Li-Po packs for maximum versatility
-Battery held in place with thumbscrews for secure fit
-Maximum versatility out of race-optimized suspension
-Hard-coated, threaded shock bodies for fast adjustment
-Upper and lower threaded shock caps for quick rebuild times
-Unique split front \u0026 amp; rear shock towers with 5 upper and 3 lower mounting points
-Vertical ball stud links for simple roll centre changes
-Three-gear transmission for optimal drivetrain efficiency
-Aerodynamic fitted bodyshell with scoops and Scx10 Lift Kit cooling vents
-High downforce wing can be mounted high or low for best effect on the track

At the beginning of last month, Kyosho Kyosho announced the launch of a newly designed FZ02 chassis, in conjunction with a simulated racing car shell, and a new Dude Perfect Rc Cars FAZER Mk2 FZ02 + ALPINE GT4 car shell 1/10 electric touring car debut. The high-efficiency straight-shaft drive 4WD frame assembled at the factory uses a symmetrical design, supports a variety of battery sizes, is replaced with new materials, and the chassis has been strengthened before and after. In terms of transmission, sealed front and rear gear differentials, limited slip and rugged large-size transmission dog bones also appeared in the new car. The electronic equipment is equipped with a KS202W waterproof steering gear, a 550-size G14L motor with increased torque and extreme speed, a 60A waterproof electronic transmission with reverse gear, and a Syncro KT-231P + remote control. The rim joint adopts the form of a simulated brake disc, which provides two offsets of 0mm and + 5mm. It supports 190mm to 200mm width car shells, and the wheelbase can be adjusted to 274mm, which is compatible with most 1/10 car shells on the market. The shell of the Renault sports car brand Alpine GT4 has been spray-painted. Part number 34423. Although Kyosho’s ne Team Associated Apex w car is not a standard 1/10 electric house, but with its compact chassis design and greater power output, I believe it will be a product full of joy. This new car debuted at the 2019 All-Japan Model Show at the end of September, and the official video of the new car has recently been officially released.

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