Team Associated B74, Jdm Rc Cars, The Black Series Remote Control Car

Traxxas provides two interesting videos, Rewi The Black Series Remote Control Car nd | Traxxas Slash Jdm Rc Cars 4X4 Ultimate. The first is to play in forward order, and the Part2 clips are in revers Team Associated B74 e order. No need to adjust your eyes, there’s something just a little bit different with this Slash 4X4 Ultimate video. The video made us double-take and rewind multiple times to figure out what was going on. Driving up steps, skate-style ollies and nollies , and perfect downside landings from every jump are the biggest giveaways that something is off in this hyper-fun video.
Hobbywing QuicRun WP Crawler Brushed, a new favorite in the market, shines. Solid hardware foundation, combined with powerful software (built-in parameters for climbing vehicles, such as initial starting strength, drag brake acceleration, etc.), designed for climbing vehicles, 1/10, 1/8 climbing vehicles Ideal for power (ESC).
Adjustable PWM frequency meets the driver’s requirements for precise adjustment of the motor’s forward power. Advanced synchronous rectification technology provides a better control experience. The ESC is rich in 15 rich adjustable parameters to meet the needs of different drivers and different models in different venues.
Excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, it can easily cope with complicated roads containing sand, ice, snow and water. Meet the needs of applications running around the clock, unlimited play.
Haoying’s innovative 9-segment drag brake acceleration adjustment, 9-segment drag brake adjustment and 9-segment maximum brake strength adjustment function, applicable to different models, different venues, and different control habits, especially for climbing vehicles Time, greatly improving the drag effect of the vehicle, highlighting the perfect braking performance.
Built-in powerful BEC with a maximum output current of 6A, and the output voltage is 6V / 7.4V switchable, which can easily drive a variety of standard and high-voltage servos and peripheral (such as lights, winches, etc.) electrical equipment.
The internal power board of the ESC is covered with Hooying’s patented copper thermal bus bar, which facilitates the rapid transfer of internal heat to the integrated grid-shaped shell radiator that is CNC-cut by an aluminum alloy material. One chip.
Independent programming interface, easy to use. When setting the ESC parameters, you only need to connect the LED setting box to the independent programming port of the ESC, eliminating the need to plug and unplug the throttle cable from the receiver. In addition, this interface can also provide power for external fans or other electrical equipment.

The package is equipped with a special LED parameter programming box as standard, no need to buy separately, easy to use, and reflects the intention of the brand.

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