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Team Corally introduced the Eclips 2100 dual output charger that supports AC / DC power input. The power is 100W, the maximum support 10A charging current, and the second output 1A to 6A, built-in intelligent output balance function, can automatically allocate two output states. Support a variety of batteries, including 6S lithium batteries, high-voltage lithium batteries, 15 Ni-Cr and Ni-MH batteries, 2V to 20V batteries, etc. High backlit display, built-in two temperature-controlled fans and battery balancer. In terms of functions, in addition to the common charge and discharge, the cycle and battery storage modes are also available, which are relatively complete charger products.
British Schumacher launched the classic 1986 CAT XLS 1/10 4WD electric off-road vehicle (Buggy). Thirty years ago, the model was launched, winning multiple championships in the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, Australia and the U Rc Jeep nited States, and then extended the wheelbase. In 1987, Masami Hirosaka drov Pro Rc Cars e to win the IFMAR of the year. world champion. Schumacher re-engraved in 2017 30 years later, and retained the original car design on the re-engraved products, bead difference, adjustable front and rear separation torque system, complete body stickers, Schumacher spiked tires, support for NiCd / NiMH batteries, and now The popular short-life lithium battery and drive system have been upgraded to support today’s brushless power. Available in March 2017.

Team Titan introduced two 200mm Blitz shells. The first is the Cruzer. The shell design provides extremely high downforce and more sensitive steering response, making it suitable for compact track use. The other is the ISF 2.1 shell, which has a 10mm shorter shell length. The shell design reduces the initial response to cornering and smoother handling. Thi Team Associated Crawler s shell is suitable for large tracks and large curves. Both car shells are available in 0.8mm thickness (standard style) and lightweight 0.7mm models. More photos are in this article. Source: Team Titan [] \u0026 amp;

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