Team Associated Prolite 4X4 Upgrades, Traxxas Tactical Unit, Team Associated Reflex 14B

TEAM ASSOCIATED won the TQ ‘ing event and won the 2011 Sidewinder Nitro Explosion event. It was driven by factory driver Ryan Cavalieri to prove the superior performance of RC8.2e. Now AE officially launched the RC8.2e RS RTR versi Team Associated Reflex 14B on. Combat power is definitel Traxxas Tactical Unit y competitive level!

RC8.2e The pedigree of RS RTR is derived from TEAM ASSOCIATED factory version of RC8.2e Team, equipped with original Reedy 2000kV high-performance power brushless motor; original XP SC1300-BL brushless electronic speed controller; 2.4G three-channel wireless remote control and other high-performance original ele Team Associated Prolite 4X4 Upgrades ctronic equipment.

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RC8.2e RS RTR has entered the 1: 8 electric off-road vehicle family with the most complete configuration. I believe that using this car with the special design elements of the factory team will definitely satisfy your 1: 8 off-road race dream!

China and the United States are listed simultaneously!

It avoids the time it takes for you to switch from the US channel to the Hong Kong channel and enter the domestic channel!

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Properties: Off-road

Size: 1: 8 scale

Length: 470 mm (18.5 inches)

Width: 305 Mm (12.01 inches)

Wheelbase: 323 mm (12.72 inches)

Weight: 3661 g (8.07 pounds)

Internal gear ratio: 4.30: 1

Performance: Four-wheel drive

Original configuration

· AE Original Reedy2000kV non-inductive Brush motor

· AE original XP 2.4G three-channel wireless remote control

· AE original XP SC1300-BL sensorless brushless electronic speed controller

· AE original XP high-torque S2008MG metal gear analog servo

· AE original factory finished painted dynamic car shell, divided into main color red and blue models

· full Enclosed dust-proof receiver box

· Newly designed 3mm thickness, machined and cut 7075 aluminum alloy suspension bracket, so that the center of gravity of the suspension installation is lower.

· New aluminum Alloy black hard positive treatment with 3mm longer chassis

· AE original waterproof XP brand SC1300-BL brushless ESC

· new low center of gravity tail bracket

· Hard aluminum alloy blue anode 16mm large-capacity shock absorber group and titanium-plated 4mm shock absorber shaft to enhance the vehicle’s suspension performance.

· New design sliding blue anode aluminum alloy motor mounts

· New roll center swing arm suspension and anti-roll bar design

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