Team Associated Rc Cars, Rc Motor Fan, Exceed Rc Truck

Pro-line’s Ambush CGR body is suitable for 2.2-inch or 1.9-inch climbing bikes. The car shell is composed of two parts, the first is the LEXAN car shell itself, and the other part is the optional roll protection frame Exceed Rc Truck (part # 6053-00). In addition, it can also be equipped with many proportion components to allow the car to express different characteristics. The car shell is made of .060-inch LEXAN, so even if you roll over.

The French manufacturer MAD Racing brings us 2WD 1 to 8 BUGGY Rc Motor Fan cars that a Team Associated Rc Cars re popular only in southern Europe. The name is IDEA. The car is based on Team Associated RC8. Because there are no front and middle drive parts, the engine is horizontal and directly drives the rear wheels (only the rear brakes). And there is a special slider rear gearbox.

Kyosho Jingshang launched a new 1/10 2WD Outlaw Rampage 2RSA simulation off-road truck last October. The rear straight axle is the biggest feature of the frame. The double front fork swing arm and rear link suspension, plus the 70-80s trophy pickup truck shell, have a realistic walking posture. How about actually running? Enjoy the latest video Kyosho Outlaw Rampage Dirt Bash mud field wild!

Italian tire manufacturer ATS has added a brand new product to their family of sponge tyres, pre-bonding 1 to 12 tyres. There are two kinds of specifications, which are trialed by 1:12 tram and Beijing Shangda’s Spada. Each series has a variety of hardnesses to choose from. In addition, A4 size stickers are also available.

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