Team Associated Rc18Mt, Jato 3.3 Upgrades, 1 16 Revo

Arrowmax int 1 16 Revo roduces model-specific tools and bearing measurement tools, detailed information in this article. A dazzli Jato 3.3 Upgrades ng metallic purple, aluminum alloy anodized hollow handle, combined with a unique and proprietary spring steel material, create a perfect professional tool for the ‘AM’ brand model. The strong and unique spring steel material makes the core longer life and more efficient fixing and rotation. The joint between the batch core and the handle is locked by screws and completely fixed. At the end of the tool, you can identify different styles through the back cover of different colors, such as purple, black, and silver. The handle can also use aperture to identify different sizes. ‘AM’ tool series are complete in style, including: hexagonal, ball head, sleeve, cross, single word, approved, hook approved. We believe that the unique metallic purple color, plus the spiral twill handle, beautiful appearance and practical functions, plus a very affordable and reasonable price will make you impressed, and use it easily and comfortably. ‘AM’ recently introduced a bearing measurement tool with a 15mm scale, which will be more widely suitable for future vehicle use. Its beautiful appearance and lightweight design will bring users more enjoyment.Hobbyking’s Turnigy 1/16 Mini Rally is coming to China. Suspension, suspension and other components are adjustable design, including toe, camber, and vehicle height parameters can be adjusted. Four-wheel drive, equipped with 2040-4800kv brushless motor, 25A electronic transmission, support 2-3S lithium battery. Simulation of the traction wheels and tires, players only need to configure additional remote control equipment and batteries to start playing.
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Hydraulic adjustable shock absorber
Anti-roll bar
Lightweight frame
Adjustable suspension
15g strong steering servo
Brushless power
Aluminum upgrades will be introduced
Motor: Brushless 2040-4800kv
Electronic transmission: 25A Brushless 2 ~ 3S (With backing)
Transmission: Full-time 4WD, double differential w Team Associated Rc18Mt ith limited slip
Length: 325mm
Width: 180mm
Height: 122mm (with car shell)

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