Team Associated T5M, Wltoys Rc, Rc Bearings

O.S. Engines launche Rc Bearings s a limited-edition .21VZ-B V-Spec engine with 300 pieces worldwide! The heat s Wltoys Rc ink is lighter and has better heat dissipation performance, and each engine is individually numbered! It seems that fans of VZ-B need to think about ways to get started with this high-performance top-grade off-road vehicle engine! Detailed performance parameters are included in this art Team Associated T5M icle. OSMG2066 21 VZ-B V-Spec Limited Edition Retail: $ 549.99 | Street: $ 349.99 Features- Features a hardened chrome-plated 3-port cylinder liner with three intakes and one exhaust for high durability and long life.- A machined billet aluminum piston with a pair of parallel rings that trap fuel oils for excellent lubricating properties between the piston and sleeve is part of this engine. Cutouts in the side of the piston lighten its overall weight making it easier for the rod and crankshaft to move a higher RPM’s.- The slide valve 21J carburetor with 8mm and 9mm carb restrictors allow quick and easy tuning to specific race conditions and has four separate adjustment: High Speed, Mid-Speed, Low-Speed ​​and Throttle-Stop.- The SG-style crankshaft in the V -Spec is constructed from hardened steel and machined to perfection. The counter weight is angled for the purpose of lightening it while the fuel chamber’s exit point is chamfered to provide a smooth path for fuel and air mixture.- The conne cting rod sides use a knife-edged design to reduce drag and weight which increases horsepower.Source: OS Engines []

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