Tesla Remote Control Car, Axial Scx10 Accessories, Rpm Shock Tower Rustler

The 1/8 flat road car has always been hailed as the ‘F1’ among remote control model cars, because in the world of racing remote control cars, the 1/8 flat road Rpm Shock Tower Rustler car has the fastest acceleration, the highest speed, an Axial Scx10 Accessories d the control feeling is full. Real racing fun! Owning a 1/8 on road (flat road car) is the dream of countless fans. I have never heard of an entry product for a 1/8 flat road car. After all, this is one of the highest-level remote control model cars, and there are few novices. Beginning to get in touch with 1/8 level road cars, coupled with higher prices, many people are discouraged. Now the Italian company Motonica allows you to complete Tesla Remote Control Car the 1/8 level car dream, Motonica launchedTeam Associated (AE) launched the 1/28 RC10 Jammin ’Jay Halsey RC28 mini remote control model car. This new car is a replica of the 1985 IFMAR 1/10 2WD Buggy world championship. RC28 built-in integrated electronic transmission receiver, proportional servo, 2.4G remote control, RTR play out of the box. Part number 20156.

In 1985, AE ’s RC10 won the first IFMAR Electric Off-Road World Race at the Ranch Pit Shop circuit in California, USA. Since 1977, AE has won 29 IFMAR World Championship titles, Team Associated (AE ) Is a veritable world championship team of RC remote control cars.

Team Orion changed its name to HB Racing after acquiring Hot Bodies. The brand recently launched a new car, the RGT8 1/8 gasoline-powered GT road car. Developed based on the world champion oil-powered off-road vehicle D815 platform, with race-level DNA, and a large number of D815 parts in common, including strong transmission components. Because it is a flat car, the RGT8 will be equipped with a two-speed, single-case suspension rocker arm, a 16mm large-capacity shock absorber, a lightweight gear differential (gear ratio 43/13), and a steel connecting rod. The bottom plate is a 70mm aluminum model with a thickness of 3mm. In addition to the aluminum bottom plate, aluminum materials are also used for the C seat, steering seat, and steering arm. Quickly dismountable equipment box, standard front and rear anti-roll bars, Kit model, let players match rim tires, car shells, engines and remote control equipment. Part # HB115770.

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