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RCX opened again in Chicago in the United States. The author will immediately return the pictures and information collected.
It’s five o’clock in the author’s side, you guys also ask your sympathizers to read the post.
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* Children 12 \u0026 amp; Under Are Free
The exhibition information is shown Fast Lane Rc Cars in the picture above, the location is in Chicago, USA, the exhibition time is from August 6th, 10 am to 8 pm
Purchase at the entrance It ’s 20 US dollars equivalent to 128.80 yuan, and online ticket purchase is 15 US dollars equivalent to 96.60 yuan.
Let ’s take a look at the grand occasion of the last RCX
Traxxas Funny Car RCX is a model car show that covers batteries, meth Top Rated Remote Control Cars anol, and gasoline. Range includes Drifting, Climbing, Bigfoot, Short Card, Electric / Yueyue, BAJA, Electric Large-scale exhibition of the famous model. It enjoys a certain reputation in the United States. Previous exhibitions have attracted many manufacturers to participate, and also attracted many model enthusiasts to visit.
Then this is no exception. The exhibitor list is as shown in the picture.
Because I prefer BAJA, I will mainly use BAJA pictures. If you want to see pictures of other models, please reply to the post. Will try to search.
============== It’s time to get into the subject ===============
Before entering the main venue, everyone and the author should feel it together. Let ’s enjoy the atmosphere of the exhibition
Drifting performance vehicles specially invited by the exhibitor in front of the exhibition hall
Interior decoration
Other vehicles
Small events outside the exhibition hall, drifting etc.
Outside the exhibition hall Booth
Okay, now officially enter the exhibition hall, because it is a batch in advance, it will look a bit deserted.
The 1: 1 short card located at the entrance of the exhibition hall, it seems that the exhibitor has really worked hard. If you have the chance to visit, you will definitely enjoy it.
At the same time as the exhibition, there will be some interesting races or displays. The track in the hall is very sufficient, from small scale off-road, mini track, drift track to 1/5 race. There are all kinds of climbing venues.
Is the exhibitor’s climbing car booth a bit big? Pony with big saddle
Actually, the highlights of this RCX are not many, but the brightness is definitely enough
The two-stroke engine of BZM at this session of RCX is the official release of the United States, and the previous author ’s post also addressed this The engine has been introduced, so I wo n’t repeat it here.
23-28.5CC BZM two-stroke reed engine
50CC monster
Second, as the famous BAJA pig cage manufacturer —- team chase also released 5T this time / SC front bumper buffer assembly, the material uses high-strength nylon, stealing light design. This accessory can win the reputation of players like the roll cage. The manufacturer is also very generous and directly gives the mold map. Is the cottage manufacturer secretly enjoying it?
This redesigned cushioning component is designed to solve the problem that the original BAJA 5T / 5SC cushioning component that has troubled players for a long time is easily damaged. After many tests, it was finally released on RCX. I believe the manufacturer is very confident in the quality. .
B \u0026 amp; T’s two-speed gear has a long history. After its launch, it has been admired by a large number of players, especially those who like highway speeds. This is definitely a great tool and has very high quality. Designs such as one-way bearings, high-strength transmission shafts, and non-clutch cup screws to ensure product life and performance
The joint exhibition of TGN and TR racing will inevitably be a highlight. In addition to the above accessories, there are also dazzling twin cylinders. The exhaust used by the BZM50CC engine is thick and long. Do n’t be afraid to feed.
TR ’s product line, some of TR ’s products have good Word of mouth and good price / performance ratio
Color screen design can also be regarded as a new blood for the remote control field has not changed for a long time, the manufacturer also has several other remote control, interested players can check it out, the author’s knowledge of this area Poor, so far.
This seems to be a new player in the model field? Not sure
Some BAJA accessories
Pile of mountain accessories, I do n’t know if the player has the urge to rob?
Non-belt driven 4WD BAJA
UberRC released a new version earlier this year Dog bone, dog bone cup kit. It is difficult to see the twisted dog bones on strengthened dog bones, but broken needles are common. One of the reasons is the dog bone that uses the pin design, the contact area between the pin and the dog bone cup is too small. The new dog bone kit solves this problem very well. The 5 balls placed on each end and the groove on the dog bone cup can fit well, so as to prevent similar situations.
Rocket BAJA. . .
Before that, the last RCX released a limited number of three 62CC engines. The blue model
Simpson engine is still cheap and not too old.
Is Cecilia Cheung ’s BAJA sponsor?
The only knowledge I have in this part is not enough, so I do n’t have a random illustration.
In fact, this author still knows a little, soft girl ~ I do n’t know if this guy in the picture has No blood flowing down?
The whole family is dispatched, suitable for all ages. When can this atmosphere be in China?
European bulls come to help
Formula 1
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