Traxxas 100Mph Car, Traxxas Slash Battery Upgrade, Traxxas Rustler Brushless

Tamiya Tamiya model will launch GF-01TR Monster Beetle Trail kit on September 14 Suspension and gate bridge, as a variant of the GF-01 chassis, the GF-01TR uses a gate bridge to increase ground clearance. The car shell is an ABS hard shell. In order to increase detail and simulation, independent windows, chrome fog l Traxxas Rustler Brushless ights and chrome simulation engines are use Traxxas Slash Battery Upgrade d. The yellow wheels and chevron nails make the car look cute and mechanical. Part number 58672. To buy Tamiya products, please go to
Losi, a brand of American Horizon Models, has launched the new LST 3XL-E 1/8 4WD RTR electric big foot remote control car. Support 6S lithium battery, the vehicle speed can reach up to 80km / h, AVC (Active Vehicle Control system) is also standard configuration, allowing players to enjoy the car more. 4WD drive with LSD central differential, sturdy and reliable transmission system. The large-capacity shock absorber uses a 5mm suspension axis, which can provide excellent shock absorption performance even in very bounced venues. 17mm rim adapters and head-up wheels are also included in the product. The battery compartment has more space, and players can install two lithium batteries firmly to the left and right sides of the frame to make the weight of the frame more balanced. The power cord is connected using a new vertical plug design, which is safer and firmer.
How can the years be quiet, just that someone is moving forward for us. Gratitude, thank you! The Traction Hobby brand-owned campaign vehicle was officially shipped on the same day, and the order of shipment (No. 22) → merchant (painting on behalf of customers), factory (No. 24) straight hair (painting on its own) customers. All support vehicles will be shipped no later than the 24th. We will strive to receive all support vehicles on the eve of the Army Day. Customers of supportive vehicles also enjoy the upgrade benefits of all-terrain tires, and subsequent companies will uniformly distribute one share of welfare tires. Take this opportunity to bl Traxxas 100Mph Car ess new and old comrades-in-arms: Happy Bayi holiday! Happy family! Armed forces, see you next year!

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