Traxxas 4X4 Brushless, 1 16 E Revo Upgrades, Remote Control Bugatti

Today another driver Akio Sobue announced his departur Remote Control Bugatti e from the Tamiya TRF team, including German world champion Marc Rheinard, who left 1 16 E Revo Upgrades TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory). Tamiya Tamiya model announced the 2017 annual plan of the TRF competition brand. TRF only supports Tamiya brand events. TRF no longer participates as a team.
TRF has long contributed to Tamiya’s successful R / C product designs via the valuable race data gained through its racing activities in elite races such as world championships. In 2017 TRF will look to provide Tamiya R / C fans of all abilities across the world with even more comprehensive support. We will be present at official Tamiya-sanctioned events around the globe, ready to forge a closer bond with local racers and R / C fans, our goal being to provide a truly all-encompassing experience for the hobby . We look forward to your support and participation in 2017 and beyond.

Kyosho launches a tool kit named No. YKW101 Kanai Tool Set w / Tool Bag named after the world champion of off-road vehicle KANAI. The tools in the kit are made in Japan. They use high-quality materials, high accuracy, durability and light weight. . World champions Yuichi Kanai and Mark Pavidis both use this tool.

Tool Set Contents:

No. YKW003 Flat Screwdriver 6mmNo. YKW004 Flat Screwdriver 4mm (Long) No. YKW005 Flat Screwdriver 3mm (Long) No. YKW006 Philips Screwdriver No .1No. YKW007 Philips Screwdriver No. 2No. YKW055BX Nut Driver 5.5mmNo. YKW070BX Nut Driver 7.0mmNo. YKW015 Hex Screwdriver 1.5mmNo. YKW015BP Ball Point Hex 1.5mmNo. YKW020 Hex Screwdriver 2.0mmNo. YKW020BP Ball Point Hex 2.0mmNo. YKW025 Hex Screwdriver 2.5mmNo. YKW025BP Ball Point Hex 2.5mmNo. YKW030 Hex Screwdriver 3.0mmNo. YKW030BP Ball Point Hex 3.0mmNo. YKW101B Kyosho Tool Bag Traxxas 4X4 Brushless * All tools are metric.
* Limited Availability

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