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KO Propo launched the RSx one10 low-center-of-gravity servo, which is designed for high-voltage situations an Sakura D3 Parts d supports up to 7.4V input. Built-in brushless motor, all-aluminum gear, reinforced gear shaft, double-bearing design, aluminum radiator and go Traxxas Supercar ld-plated connector are installed in the center of the casing, which shows that this is a high-performance steering gear. The size is 41 × 25.5x21mm, and the weight is 51g. Performance data: 12.0Kg · cm (7.4V), 10.0Kg · cm (6.0V), speed 0.09s / 60 ° (7.4V), 0.1s / 60 ° (6.0V). In addition to the new RSx servos, KO also introduced a new aluminum servo housing for the BSx series of servos. The new housing can increase the strength around the gear installation location. Source:American MiniPro company launched a dynamometer system for 2WD remote control cars. Capable of measuring speed, KV, voltage, current, torque and other data, the maximum support wheelbase is 370mm and vehicle width is 370mm. This ‘remote-control car horsepower machine’ is suitable for analyzing the combined output of electronic transmission settings, motors, gear ratios, etc., allowing players / drivers to digitiz Traxxas Accessories e the performance of the car. Provide accurate real-time data display, draw real-time 2D and 3D graphs, multi-data-centered interface and extreme speed measurement. Suitable models include Formula 1/10 and 1/12 electric flat road cars. MiniPro also has a horsepower machine that supports 4WD models for players / drivers to choose.

VP Pro launches a new RS-619 tool kit, which includes various maintenance tools, including: 4 metric hex screwdrivers (1.5; 2.0; 2.5; 3.0), 3 metric ball screwdrivers (2.0; 2.5; 3.0), 3 metric sockets (5.0; 5.5, 7.0), 2 flat-blade screwdrivers (4.0 * 150; 5.8 * 100), 2 Phillips screwdrivers (3.5 * 120; 5.8 * 100), 2 swing-arm drill tools ( 3.5 * 120; 4.0 * 120), including screw dirt cleaning tools, spring hooks, car shell drills, electric clips, tool holders, tool sets, each with an additional tool kit, which will be available this month.

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