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TRACTION HOBBY FOUNDER II In the video, the vehicle uses the brand new CNC design of the Traaction Hobby bridge cover, aluminum alloy, the bridge cover o Traxxas Rc Funny Car f the axle has become the finishing touch of the video. The appearance of the new product is red. Especially highlight the unique temperament of the axle. The installation position of the fork pin of the differential lock has been split, which is much smoother than the die-cast axle cover.
I Rc Battery Charger n the video, the tire manufacturer said that it was developed in cooperation with Voodoo in the United States. I believe that many old drivers know this brand. On the official website of Voodoo, they also promote 10-car tires with the same design as this tire. Developed by / 8, the tire studs have further improved the overall grip performance.
In actual driving experience, it performs particularly well on rocky pavements on waterways. Not only improves the grip, but the bouncing feeling of the vehicle is greatly reduced when driving on large rocky pavements. The obvious effect can be seen through normal speed videos.
The video is displayed on the following platforms. It is recommended to directly download 4K MP4 files for viewing through Baidu’s web disk.
Normal speed:
Slow motion:
Youku link normal speed:American Team Associated (hereinafter referred to as AE) has launched the RC10B4.1 two-wheel drive electric off-road vehicle world championship version. AE has launched the RC10B4 electric off-road vehicle since 2003. This e-Vietnamese has won 5 IFMAR world championship titles for AE! Last year at the Remote Controlled Off-Road Vehicle World Championship in Finland, the RC10B4 remote control car was driven by driver Ryan Cavalieri to win the world champio Traxxas Bandit Accessories nship! Today, half a year later, AE officially launched the world championship version of the RC10B4.1 new car. The new car uses a large number of factory version parts, including an 8mm longer chassis. After the new chassis is used, the vehicle’s handling and stability are greatly improved, which can effectively improve the lap speed. In conjunction with the Bulldog shell designed by Pro-Line for this car (the shell is also 8mm longer), the aerodynamic performance is further improved, and the car’s air jumping movement is smoother. In addition, the factory version of the 0 ° degree tailstock, world championship settings and rear weights all appear in the new car. Although the RC10B4 has been launched for 9 years, its performance is still among the top electric and remote control cars! I believe that with the launch of the World Championship Edition RC10B4.1, the glory of this car series will continue!


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