Traxxas Bandit Tires, Traxxas E Revo 1 10, Turbo Rc Car

Exotek launched the F1 Ultra upgrade conversion kit, suitable for Tamiya F103 remote control car. After using this kit, the wheelbase of the F103 formula remote control car is shortened, and the car performs well regardless of whether the car uses sponge tires or rubber tires. The uniquely designed tail suspension can effectively increase the grip of the rear of the vehicle. In addition, after Turbo Rc Car using the Exotek upgrade conversion kit, a 7.4v short-body block battery can be used. The short-body battery allows the car’s center of gravity to be more concentrated and the vehicle weight . The steering performance is also improved compared to the original car, and the steering process is smoother. This kit is suitable for Tamiya F103, F103LM and F103GT RC cars. 12

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