Traxxas Bandit Upgrades, Hornet Rc Car, E Revo 2.0 Upgrades

O.S. launched two 21XZ-R engines for 1/8 level road cars. Among them, the horsepower of 21ZX-R Speed ​​has been increased. It has been used by the factory drivers in the Miami World Championship and has achieved fourth and fifth place. The engine torque and fuel economy have also improved. The other new engine is the 21XZ-R VII, which is more cost-effective and has faster performance. Both engines will be available this month.
21XZ-R VII Specifications:
Displacement: 3.49 cc (0.213 ci)
Bore: 16.27 mm (.640 in)
Stroke: 16.8 mm (. 661 in)
Practical RPM: 4,000 to 45,000
Power Output: 2.8 ps / 2.84 hp / 33,000 rpm
Weight: 343 g (12.1 oz)Following the launch of overseas versions of the GENS ACE series 5000mah 60C 7.4V and 5800mah 45c 7.4v at the end of last year, Grignard ACE has introduced two high-performance products based on the popular off-road, short card, and F1 in the market. 4200mah 60C 7.4v (2S2P); 7000mah 50C 7.4V (2S2P). 4200mah 60C 7.4V: short power, widely used in F1 and 1/8 off-road. Although the capacity is low, it guarantees normal races to run more than 9 minutes. The plastic shell material still ma Traxxas Bandit Upgrades intains Grignard’s traditional stone pattern style, and the newly replaced armor is more vivid and wild. Another new product 7000mah 50C 7.4V: long power, widely used in off-road, short card.

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