Traxxas Bigfoot 4X4, Axial Jeep Wrangler, Rc Batteries And Chargers

The launch of Xray’s new electric room platform T3 became the most sensational news in the electric RV industry last week. Overseas counterparts exchanged with RCFans. Overseas co Rc Batteries And Chargers unterparts believe that this T3 has inherited Axial Jeep Wrangler the tradition of Xray high-precision and high-intensity frames, and has also absorbed The advantages of Taipower House Traxxas Bigfoot 4X4 , we think T3 is the embodiment of ‘tank car’ + ‘F1’! In addition, this is an electric room designed for brushless + lithium battery. Whether it is asphalt track, carpet track, using lithium battery, nickel metal hydride battery or rubber tire or sponge tire, this T3 can handle it easily! I believe that the emergence of T3, Tamiya, HB, Yokomo and other manufacturers will definitely have some ideas, the performance battle of competition-level electricity room seems to have entered a new era! T3 details in this articleThe ‘Trooper Cavalry’ short-haul truck of HobbyKing’s brand Turnigy is coming to China. This 1/10 four-wheel-drive Turnigy ‘trooper’ brushless remote-controlled short-haul truck will be released as the ARR version. Players can start playing with the remote control equipment and lithium battery immediately. It has been equipped with brushless ESC and supports 2S to 3S lithium batteries. Adjustable hydraulic shock, using innovative adjustable battery fixed position to give riders more flexible settings.

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