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On the RC field, the difference of 0.001 seconds will lead to different results. Definitely making the racing game challenging, minor operation errors and lack of performance are enough to make players leave the venue with regret. If you want to be good, you must first sharpen your skills. The powerful and reliable power system makes the driver more capable in the field. At the 2016 TITC (Thailand International Electric Touring Car Championship) just ended in Bangkok, Thailand, Bruno Coelho, a HOBBYWING contract driver, won the TQ and championship of the Modified group, and another Singaporean driver, Nicolas, also successfully entered the Modified group. The top ten. The power packs they used in this TITC competitio Minnie Remote Control Car n are all upcoming XeRun XR10 Pro ESCs equipped with XeRun V10 G2 motors. At the same time, Bruno Coelho also used the HOBBYWING power pack XeRun XR10 Pro ESC equipped with XeRun V10 4.5T G2 motors, winning the TQ and championship in the 2016 ETS (European Touring Car Series) Germany. Dominated in many large international competitions, making XeRun XR10 Pro ESC hot before it was sold, causing high expectations from professional players at home and abroad. Hobbywing announced that it will officially sell the product by the end of March.
XeRun XR10 Pro new ESC has the following advantages:
Designed for top competition
Professional competition-grade hardware foundation, combined with powerful software (built-in 10 common modes, select and use), is 1 / 10 \u0026 amp; 1/12 Ideal for competitions such as RVs and off-road vehicles.
Industry-leading super power
Continuous current resistance index of 160A / instantaneous 950A, ensuring that the ESC has extremely outstanding output capabilities.
Built-in BEC supporting high-voltage servos
The ESC has a switch-mode BEC with a maximum output current of up to 4A, and the output voltage is 6V / 7.4V adjustable, which can easily drive ordinary servos and high-voltage servos.
A Corvette Remote Control Car djustable throttle and brake PWM frequency
The throttle and brake PWM frequency are independently adjustable, which meets the requirements of drivers in various competition groups (especially the stock group) to precisely adjust the forward power and braking force of the motor.
External WiFi module, use the phone to play ESC
After the ESC is connected to the WiFi module, you can establish a wireless connection between the phone and the ESC, and you can use the dedicated APP to remotely adjust the ESC when standing on the console. Parameters, or update ESC firmware and read ESC data at any time.
Highly reliable heat dissipation system
Aluminum metal shell, improved grid heat sink, combined with the copper heat conduction busbar covered with Hooying’s patented technology on the internal power board of the ESC, which facilitates the rapid conduction of internal heat Device, plus a high-performance cooling fan, to build a highly reliable cooling system to ensure that the ESC is always in the best cooling state.
Built-in advanced and safe electronic switch
Built-in electronic switch, with a service life of more than 50,000 times, completely solves the traditional mechanical switch reed jamming, contact corrosion, and mechanical damage caused by severe impact (such as landing on a slope) Problems such as unexpected switch closure.
Data recording function
The ESC records the ESC, the maximum temperature of the motor, the maximum speed of the motor and other parameters in real time during the operation. The driver can use the LCD programming box or WiFi module to read out these data for analysis.
Convenient and easy-to-use independent programming port
The independent programming port is easy to use. When setting the ESC parameters, you only need to connect the LCD programming box or WiFi wireless module to the independent programming port of the ESC, eliminating th Traxxas Brushless Motor e need to dial the throttle cable from the receiver. This interface can also drive additional fans to provide air cooling for other equipment.

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