Traxxas Dragster, Rc Rock Crawler Rc Buggy, Robinson Racing Rc

VP Pro launched a new series of tools. This series consists of 14 commonly used tools. The design of the Robinson Racing Rc handle is very comfo Rc Rock Crawler Rc Buggy rtable and lightweight. It is believed to be a cost-effective tool series.

Kyosho launched an upgraded TCD (Traction Control Differential) gear set for the Inferno MP9. TCD can provide more balanced power under acceleration, thereby improving the vehicle’s grip. When decelerating, TCD has less torque than ordinary differentials, which improves steering during cornering. TCD is especially used in low grip situations.

Raytheon KingMotor (KM) ‘s EXPLORER RX rally car new Ford Fiesta is coming soon. The KM EXPLORER RX # 2 shot by CNRC is unveiled, please e Traxxas Dragster njoy the wonderful video.
Hobbywing team manager Salton Dong, Mr. Dong Sizheng (RCFans Forum ID 爱车) made technical support at the AOC Hong Kong race, and introduced many differences between the new V10 (New Ver.) G2 motor and V10.

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