Traxxas E Revo 1 16 Body, Rc Drift Wheels, Baja 5B Rc Car

Beiwei 卅 DTT hoist baby closed Baja 5B Rc Car gasoline remote control car gear box officially launched, after a long wait, changed the traditional ideas of the past, the new closed gear box in the case of appearance upgrades, manufacturers can n Rc Drift Wheels ot ignore the car we give us Benefits.
First of all, the closed design can effectively reduce the noise caused by gear friction (reservation of oil filling space), and at the same time avoid the sand and stone teeth caused by the open differential bracket of the original car, and effectively protect the large and small teeth.
Second, the components are perfectly connected, and there is no need to adjust the clearance ratio multiple times due to the problem of gear clearance.
In addition, due to the shrinkage of nylon products during the manufacturing process, the size control cannot be compared with CNC processing. Beiwei 卅 closed gearboxes are made of 6061T6 high-strength aluminum alloy. On the chassis, there has been a huge increase in product concentricity, balance and verticality.
JConcepts introduces a low center of gravity rear wing frame for the Associated B44 off-road vehicle. The height of the rear wing can be reduced by 7mm, and the center of gravity is further reduced. The product is made of high-strength 6061 T6 aluminum and can be directly mounted on the B44 frame. In terms of aerodynamics, jumping is smoother. 123

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