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Taiwan’s MST will soon launch the RMX S 1/10 rear-drive drift remote control car. This new RWD car can be adjusted in a variety of settings. The design concept allows both novice and experienced players to Traxxas Slash Lcg easily drive and enjoy drifting fun. Available Trail Honcho at the end of April.
The frame of MST cmx believes that many players have already made a lot of evaluations on it, with excellent workmanship, meticulous plate Traxxas Electric Rc Cars s and high precision. The compact frame is designed with three wheelbases, which is very suitable for players to diy. There is exactly a Tamiya Beetle hard shell in my hand, just put them together, and the effect is naturally very satisfactory. It can also be regarded as a clean stream after all kinds of jeep and various guards! First share some pictures to share with you, the video will be shot later and then sent.
IGT8 launched the IGT8E 2019 electric GT flat road car, which is based on the IFMAR world championship IGT8 platform for research and development. The new car has further optimized suspension, handling and frame layout. Replacement of new shock mounts, shock absorbers, gearbox gears, low-center-of-gravity battery holders, easier battery holders, and new-designed carbon fiber receiver boards further enhance performance and make maintenance easier.
Javelin 1/10 electric buggy (Buggy), a classic 80s model with a roll cage design and a 4WD chain drive system, was developed based on the same factory’s Optima. Red-plated shock absorbers, redesigned tail mounts and silver rims, and high-grip tires are used. In addition to continuing the design and structure of the original classic model, the re-engraved products have also been reinforced to suit the current power output. Product video provided by Kyosho. Tax-included price 47520 yen. Available in October 2017.

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