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RCFans special merchants, shop visits! The editor of RCFans recently arrived in the beautiful Hangzhou, and visit Rc Car Remote ed the newly renovated H Bmw Rc Drift Car angzhou smart model. Let’s visit this shop together!
Founded in July 2007, Hangzhou Rzhobby has become a new representative of the Chinese model industry. It has a unique business model, an after-sales model with the best reputation, and a skilled team. Including precision electronic equipment are within the repair scope of the smart model.

Horizonhobby is one of the three largest model companies in the world. Horizonhobby-China was established in Shanghai, China. The cooperation between the two parties gradually opened the Chinese market. . Wise Model has also become the only first-level agent of Horizon Model in China. The smart model Horizon flagship store was born under the sincere cooperation of both parties. In order to allow customers to get better pre-sales and after-sales experience services, Shanghai Horizon Model has launched a flagship store construction plan with Smart Model, so that customers can see all Horizon products in the physical store, and then Horizon ’s remote control brand Spektrum will also soon enter the flagship store. Customers can use remote control equipment for their own experience. All this is simulated by the computer, but the remote control is actually held in the hands of customers. Samples of various Horizon brand products will be provided for customers to play with. This is also an innovation in physical stores.
Xiaobian saw a set of terminal systems for customer self-service ordering in the smart model-Horizon flagship store. This is a system developed by third-party companies for payment by smart model. This will also save labor in the store and allow customers to help themselves. Pick the accessory he wants, he just needs to click the accessory to the shopping cart, and then check out. Then go to the counter to get a small ticket, the clerk will take the small ticket to pack the accessories that the customer needs to him. No need to tediously check the number and ask for accessories. What you see is what you get. It is really people-oriented technology. It is said that the smart model has also developed this system for secondary development and used it in their lower-level dealers. In this way, inventory inquiry and order inquiry between dealers and agents will be much easier. It can be considered an innovation.

Finally, I want to evaluate the experience in the store. It is cleaner and more neat than the previous model stores, and the product brand is also very Minglang, the customer lounge area is spacious and the table is large, but temporarily occupied by the boss. There are also game consoles to play, and there are some historic frames on the walls. A closer look also has a taste. Look Traxxas Light Kit ing forward to the opening of the customer experience area. The store is also very big, I walked back and forth a few times, I feel a little tired. The warehouse in the attic is very neat and the products are very orderly. Because it involves commercial information, Xiaobian did not take photos. The store is also very careful in managing flammable and explosive items, and bought explosion-proof cabinets for use.
Finally, I asked for a close-up of RCFANS on the big advertisement. This advertisement is really not covered. The traffic in this two-way 4-lane road behind me is also very large. This idea is really good. The boss said that this idea was proposed by the general manager of Horizon Shanghai, and the result was really very attractive. Because of the time, I didn’t sort out many details. It is estimated that the next time I come, it will be more perfect than this time. Come on smartly!
Store Information
Hangzhou Wisdom Model
Address: No.791-797 Jianguo North Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Phone: 0571-85461180 Features: Horizon Product Display / Experience / Purchase / After-sales / Repair information

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