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3 Racing Custom Painted Rc Car Bodies announced that Traxxas Rustler A Arms it will soon launch the Sakura Ultimate 1/10 electric RV kit, replacing Sakuru XI and XI DH, and adding new design parts to the new car. Frame twist, weight distribution, suspension and other components have been upgraded to improve performance and reduce maintenance requirements. The floating rudder base and new steering assembly improve the Ackermann angle, and the redesigned motor mount has a wider range of gear ratios to better support different Mod and Stock motors. The new 3 Racing Sakura Ultimate will be available in August. With the success of Sakura XI and XI DH, the factory has gained two years of experience, and the newly redesigned Sakura Ultimate for the competition will replace them. For novices, Sakura Ultimate may be similar to the previous Sakura, but this time we are focusing on improving the following areas of the car: production process, material engineering, shortening repair time and frequency, swing arm geometry, symmetrical camber / angle Weight distribution. Sakura Ultimate will redefine racing cars ‘A set of racing cars is affordable’.
The new 7075 aluminum alloy servo base ensures the symmetry of the left and right bending of the bottom plate, reducing the risk of bottom plate twisting / deformation.
Differentials from Factory Racing Products The entire ultra-smooth Factory Racing Products differential package uses redesigned production molds, new materials, and hardened aluminum outer shim.
New front-end components The new dual pendulum steering brings a smoother and fastest steering response to the new car. The connection of the front anti-roll bar provides more convenient adjustment. The forward tilt connection has the same unique micro-adjustment features as the Sakura XI.
Anti-roll bar Traxxas Models connection The rear anti-roll bar connection is equipped with adjustable wave feet.
New front straight shaft New front straight shaft with replaceable ectoderm. Titanium connecting rod.
Front swing arm Redesigned swing arm and new materials. When a straight shaft is used, the double ball joint can exert the maximum traction force to the front wheels.

In addition, two 1.9′ wheels are recommended, with unique shapes and fine craftsmanship!

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