Traxxas Parts, Best Rc Truck Under 100, Rc18T Upgrades

This is a selection of b Rc18T Upgrades attery series developed by Best Rc Truck Under 100 RC legendary mechanic Masayoshi Hirosaka. The battery is divided into 2 grades: ‘jewel-grade’ and ‘diamond-grade’ (of course the price will vary), and it is already welded when leaving the factory. There are 6 sections, 5 sections and 4 sections to choose from

KKPIT launches new multifunctional shock absorbing pliers, which is made of imported 6061-T6 aluminum material, and combines the following functions: ball head installation and disassembly, suspension parts installation, screw measurement, various plug welding positions, and adjustment of the lever function, Reserve the rubber band buckle position.
Some overseas players have used the name of the NRC32 Project to create a 1/32 mini remote control car, which is only the size of a palm. Tribute to the legendary RC10 model! This project / product has no official association with Team Associated RC10 (AE). Most parts are designed and manufactured by themselves. It also reproduces the classic car shell of Masami. It is unknown whether it will be mass produced or the kit will be sold separately, but the product looks very delicate.
Yokomo introduces an adjustable front steering seat for the YD-2 series drift remote control car Traxxas Parts , allowing players to change the angle of the king pin through a spacer of 0.5mm to 1.0mm. This upgrade is suitable for YD-2 / Plus / EX and is expected to be available by the end of June.

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