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In 1997, Hong Kong’s Xpress launched their first remote-controlled car, and the brand later ‘sold out.’ Entering 2016, Xpress announced that it will launch four new cars this year. It can be seen from the publicity map that they are all electric RV / M car products. Details Xpress will be announced one after another.
FID Racing Tomahawk Wheel This is a new attempt to break through the conventional fixing method. During this test, the test was performed using a strong hammer and pressing with the wheel. As a result, the Tomahawk wheel was Wall Remote Control Car only deformed and did not break. , Tomahawk wheel off-road best weapon
Click here- \u0026 gt; Enter the FID Racing brand zone to participate in the interaction
T.O.P. Racing launches a new aluminum flat car car stand with built-in small parts storage box, which saves space and serves both purposes. Suitable for 1/10 electric and oil rooms of various brands. Red and black are available for players to choose from.

T-Work ‘s launched a sponge front bumper, suitable f Tamiya Rc Cars or use with Mugen MTC1 electric touring car. This product has the same length as the front bumper of Mugen MTC1, uses hig Traxxas Race Car h-quality imported materials, weighs more than the original, increases the weight of the front end of the vehicle, and makes the turn faster. Product Numbers: TA-115-M.

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