Traxxas Rc Cars 4X4, Rc10 Body, Camaro Rc Car

VRC’s latest game software is officially named VRC Professional. The factory adopted this name instead of the previous V4, which is based on Professional, a brand new software developed from scratch. The V4 name seems to imply that it is only an upgrade from the V3 version. The new software can accommodate all styles of frames, and the graphics engine is very advanced. A physical collision system, engine physics system, etc. have also been added for remote control cars. As for the track, it is also a completely new design.

Upgrading from v3 to VRC Professional means a complete new installation of the software. Unfortunately setups that have been saved can’t be imported either because of the new structure. However, as VRC v3 will remain active you could actually open the setup in v3 and then re-create your favorite setups in VRC Professional, setting by setting… Or just start from scratch, experienced VRC racers will quickly find their way around and come up with good setups rapidly.

With beta testing just around the corner the VRC marketing team, headed by Tim Bervoets, is now focusing on the launch of VRC Professional. The launch will Camaro Rc Car be phased out over a 3 to 5 months period . At first the most active VRC racers will be invited to upgrade to VRC Pro. Next a second layer of active VRC racers will be added, etc. At one point the new VRC Pro users will be able to invite a limited number of their friends into VRC Pro. After 3 to 5 months VRC Pro will become avai lable for everybody. The reasons for this gradual launch are two-fold. First it gives our development the possibility to adjust s Rc10 Body tructures and software where necessary based on early feedback of the first users, and second, we expect these first users to become active players in the new VRC WORLD social network community so by the time large numbers of VRC Pro users enter the community there will be a solid base of experienced users who are able and willing to assist new users in this new and exciting r / c racing world. Interested to be among the first to get involved with VRC Pro? Make sure your activity level in v3 is up!

At the start of the 4th quarter 2008 VRC will introduce the Quarterly Progress Monitor, or in short QPM. All VRC members will be asked to cooperate with this project in orde Traxxas Rc Cars 4X4 r to monitor not only your own progress, but also the progress of the social network community and to find out where the VRC development team should focus on to improve VRC or the services around it. Every first week of a new quarter the members will be presented a list with the same questions with easy to use checkboxes. Filling out this list will take just a few minutes but it will provide VRC with a lot of essential information about how you look at VRC and where we need to improve. At the end of the first month of the quarter the results of the QPM will be published together with an action plan for further improvements. VRC members determine the future of VRC !

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