Traxxas Rc Cars Under 200, 12.3 Wheelbase Rc Bodies, Dodge Challenger Rc Car

ST Racing Con Dodge Challenger Rc Car cepts has launched an LCG (Low Center of Gravity) upgrade conversion kit for the Slash 4X4 short card. Including 2.5mm thickness carbon fiber second floor, CNC process 4mm thickness aluminum base plate, aluminum motor base and other components. The Slash 4X4 short card can directly use the upgrade kit. After the upgrade, the car will be more 12.3 Wheelbase Rc Bodies flexible in steering, the control response will be faster, and the car’s cornering speed will be improved. The weight of the frame is reduced after using the kit, and the jumping performance is improved. The manufacturer’s offer is $ 99 and will be available before Christmas.
LCG conversion kit features:
CNC Machined Hard anodized HD front bulkhead
CNC Machined Hard anodized 4mm aluminum lower chassis.
2.5mm Graphite Upper Deck (holes pre-drilled for stock receiver box)
CNC Machined aluminum motor mount and motor cam (motor cam allows for maintenance on the motor without losing gear mesh)
CNC Machined aluminum rear suspension mount (x2)
CNC Machined aluminum battery brackets and center block
Graphite battery hold down strap
CNC Machined aluminum chassis posts, steering posts, and spacers
CNC Machin Traxxas Rc Cars Under 200 ed aluminum front sway bar mount (x2)
CNC Machined aluminum light weight servo mount
All hex drive hardware included < br> Designed with racing in mind for 550 motor and 2S lipo (3S compatible (certain plug type might need modifications))
Available in Blue or Black anodizing (with hard anodized lower chassis and front bulkhead) and very limited quantity in Orange , Green, Silver and Red

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