Traxxas Rustler 4X4 Parts, Mini Q Rc, Rc Traxxas Slash

To commemorate Viktor Wilck’s victory in May’s Reedy Cup, Tamiya (Tamiya) launched a limited edition (200 units) TRF 417X Reedy Race el Rc Traxxas Slash ectric RV. The limited edition new car has been upgraded slightly, which can improve the grip at low speeds, and the floor and the second floor have been upgraded accordingly. The oil pressure frame is upgraded to a 3.5mm thick carbon fiber oil pressure frame. The hole position has also changed accordingly. The differential speed Mini Q Rc has also been replaced with a new product, allowing players to have more precise ad Traxxas Rustler 4X4 Parts justment settings. The battery holder is made of metal materials, which can further reduce weight. Although the change of this 471X is small, but with the high performance of 417X itself, this limited edition new car is believed to have better track performance! Available July 21st.

Spektrum will launch the SR415 4-channel receiver in mid-August. The DSMR technology is used to ensure the transmission distance and rapid response, and to have stable performance even in the more noisy environment. The waterproof design, combined with the unique Reliakote waterproof sealing coating, can effectively protect the built-in circuit components from corrosion by fuel, motor cleaners, etc. Suitable for all kinds of remote control cars, climbing cars and remote control boats.
Channel: 4 channels DSM2, DSMR
Length: 35.8mm
Width: 23.6mm
Height: 14.3mm
Weight: 8.8g
Voltage range: 3.5 –9.6V
Antenna length: 210mm
Pro-Line introduces new car shells. The first is the Flo-Tek Fusion car shell, which is used for 1/10 short cards. The factory trimming is completed, which saves the car shell production time for players, and is suitable for the mainstream short card on the market. Suitable for models including Traxxas® Slash, Traxxas® Slash 4×4, Associated SC5M, Losi 22SCT, Losi TEN-SCTE 4WD, HPI Blitz, Pro-Line PRO-2 SC and other vehicles Effectively reduce the ‘parachute’ effect, have better jumping performance and better steering response.

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