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Korea Academy has released a RTR rear-drive electric off-road vehicle, the GV2. Products include finished car shells, complete frame assembly, hydraulic suspension, electronic transmission, 7.2V battery pack and charger, 540 motor, etc. I believe it is a very cost-effective electric off Wraith Spawn -road vehicle!
Source [RedRC]

Usukani launched the rear hem arm for Yokomo YD-2. Adjustable length and Toe in. This rear swing arm is specially designed for YD-2. The length can be adjusted from 0-5mm. In the shortest state, the length is the same as the original plastic swing arm. The beam angle Toe in is adjustable from 0-4, which can expand more setting range. It is equipped with a suspension bracket (installed on the original rear wheel joint) to expand a variety of settings, which can perfectly adapt to Rc Truck Bodies YD-2 original balance. Pole mounting position.
Tamiya model will Traxxas Rustler Accessories launch TT-02 1/10 electric RV with Ferrari F12tdf shell. The car shell, which is authorized to be manufactured by Ferrari, is extremely detailed. It will be available in late May 2017 with product number 58644.Arrowmax introduces aluminum setting wheels, CNC process, high quality and high precision aluminum manufacturing. Suitable for all types of 1/10 electric RVs and oil-powered RVs. The laser-engraved Arrowmax logo is printed on the product, a set of four.
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