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Awesomatix from Lithuania has launched a new car, the A800FX 1/10 front-drive FWD electric RV. Low center-of-gravity design, the design concept can quickly change the front and rear balance settings, the front collision is integrated with 65 grams of steel counterweight, and an additional 50 grams (in 10-gram increments) can be added according to the site requirements. The fixed positions of the motor, steering ge Traxxas Bandit Drag Car ar and battery are closer to the front axle, making it easier for the vehicle’s weight distribution to create 70/30 and 60/40. Various twist settings can be made, long suspension rocker arm, 7075-T6 2mm thickness mixed alloy carbon fiber bottom plate, 2.2mm carbon fiber second floor, and 225mm Band Japanese transmission belt are all standard equipment. It is expected to be available on July 4, 2019.

Kyosho Kyosho will launch the Inferno MP9 TKI4 Spec A 1/8 oil-powered off-road vehicle roller, a kit version of the competition-level product pre-installed by senior technicians, and world champion design Traxxas Rally Car er Yuichi Kanai will be responsible for quality control. The shock absorber, car height, and suspension are all set to the standards that can be immediately used in the race, and the car shell is also trimmed. The characteristics of the new Spec A car are the same as the standard version of TKI4, with 7075 aluminum base plate and hydraulic frame, aluminum tail hub, steering cup, high downforce car shell, etc. as standard. Just need to install the engine and remote control equipment, you can immediately enter the battle. It is expected to be available in March 2017. Part number 33007.

The V-Spec engine of the OS is a hot-selling product, and the product has recently been out of stock in China. The excellent performance and excellent cost performance have been recognized by players and drivers. OS introduced a new V-Spec aluminum radiator (formerly V-Spec is a magnesium thermal head). The V-Spec with aluminum thermal head increased the weight by 25 grams. Due to the difference between aluminum’s thermal conduc Traxxas Rustler Body tivity and magnesium, the new V-Spec The diameter of Spec’s heat sink is reduced, and the overall appearance becomes sharper. The picture below is: Blue: Magnesium V-Spec, Middle: New aluminum heat sink, Black: Tuned V-Spec
Source: NeoBuggy

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