Traxxas Rustler Front End, 3Racing Sakura D4, Vaterra Ascender Body

Arrowmax continues to expand and improve their high-performance lithium battery products. The latest 4600mAh short-body lithium battery, 2S, 110C instant, 55C continuous discharge, 4mm double-sided plug. It is the ideal battery model for 1/10 electric off-road vehicles, F1 and 1/12 electric flat cars.
VP Pro introduces new 1/10 Vaterra Ascender Body Durango / Xray rims, which are made of nylon and are lightweight, tough and durable. The porous outer structure gives a retro look, with both strange dynamic and static effects. The 12 spokes inside the rim support the entire rim, making the rim rigidity and wei 3Racing Sakura D4 ght perfectly bala Traxxas Rustler Front End nced. It can be used with a variety of tires and cotton .
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In the 18th issue of the Xray column, the owner and chief designer of XRAY, Juraj Hudy, talk about how to develop and test the new XB808. Click the link below to view the full text:

Full text.

FID Racing launched a bearing version of the throttle servo arm combination for the use of the LOSI 5IVE-T gasoline remote control car. This set of throttle servo arm system adopts independent design of 2 bearings. During the control process, the instantaneous reaction speed of the engine can be increased. The clearance is smaller and more sensitive. The bearing parts are sealed to avoid sand and dust. The bearing version of the throttle servo arm assembly is made of 6061-T6 and will be available in silver and red for players to choose from. Suitable servos: SAVOX0236 series servos, HITEC5765 series servos.

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