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Team Associated (AE) launched a n Traxxas Rc Rally Car ew gameplay product called NanoSport, similar to the American ice Old Radio Shack Rc Cars hockey game, using remote control cars to score. The product contains two remote control cars, two sets of remote control, battery, charger, ball or ice hockey. The frame is a 1/32 small remote control car. The specially designed front and rear of the car shell make it easier for players to control the ‘ice hockey’. Part # 20170.
HUDY released the 2012 product catalog. The HUDY brand is world-renowned for high-quality remote modeling tools, accessories and remote car setting tools. Click here to download the 2012 HUDY product catalog (PDF format)
Hype RC launches 1/10 motor radiator, suitable for motors with 36mm or 44mm motor casing size, and the fan input voltage is 5V to 7.2V Source: Hype RC []

Hot Bodies has released carpet spec parts for the Cyclone electrical room. It includes a 3.6mm-thick carbon fiber floor, Traxxas Rustler Upgrade Parts a 2.5mm second floor, and a hydraulic stand.

Source: Hot Bodies []

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