Traxxas Slash 1 10, The Biggest Rc Car, Remote Control Ride On Power Wheels

Hudy launches rubb Remote Control Ride On Power Wheels er tires for Formula 1/10 RC ca The Biggest Rc Car rs. Hudy’s unique rubber formula ensures durability and high grip. Black multi-spoke wheels are bonded at the factory for good image fidelity. With inner tube, front and rear tires are sold separately, whether it is asphalt or carpet pavement. Compatible with most mainstream Formula 1/10 F1 remote control cars currently on the market. Item # 803070 HUDY 1/10 Formula Rubber Tire-front tire (2); # 803080 HUDY 1/10 Formula Rubber Tire-rear tire (2).
Tamiya Tamiya launches LCG TT-01 E 1/10 electric RV with Mercedes-Benz 190E “Debis” Evo.Ii Team Zakspeed car shell. The highly detailed appearance of the classic Mercedes RV 190E, including the rearview mirror, rear wing, chrome components, and three-pointed star beacon are all copied to the car shell. The car is painted from Team AK Speed ​​20 of the 1991 DTM, including Michael Schumacher, who also drove the car, which is very memorable. Part number 58656.
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ProTek RC launches a new series of TruGrip traction compounds, with three different formulas (light, medium and maximum) for off-road vehicle players (especially for E-Vietnam). The product uses different color packaging to mark different strengths. Light formula tire water can slightly increase the grip and soften the tire, which i Traxxas Slash 1 10 s suitable for high temperature and hard track use. Medium formula products can be used in daily competitions, can effectively soften the tires, and are suitable for muddy roads and general grip applications. Maximum formula water can soften tires and increase grip significantly, making it suitable for cold weather.

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