Traxxas Slash 2Wd, Rc Car Glow Plug, Rc Supercars

Reedy’s latest 7.4V lithium battery has a discharge of 20C. Use a hard shell that complies with ROAR rul Rc Supercars es to prevent accidents from exploding. One side of the case is a wavy shape that mimics a SUB-C battery, allowing it to be mounted on any frame. There are two specifications to choose from, one with 14AWG wire and TAMIYA plug, suitable for ordinary players, and the other with 12AWG wire without plug.

Reedy Li-Po batteries offer Rc Car Glow Plug many advantages over traditional Ni-MH batteries:

Exclusive case design helps protect the battery from damage while allowing easy installat Traxxas Slash 2Wd ion in touring car and off-road chassis Up to 30 % longer runtime than NiMH batteries of equal capacity Lighter than Ni-MH batteries of equal capacity No limit to the number of consecutive uses Improved cell efficiency results in less energy lost as heat and greater power output Battery can be charged well in advance of use with no loss in performance Reduced maintenance Longer lifespan (up to 10 times!) reduces battery costs Balancing connector included-no complicated wiring required!



Length: 139mm Width: 46mm Height: 23.1mm excluding nubs /25.1mm including nubs Weight: 198g Discharge: 64A continuous, 80A-128A burst Passes UN T1-T8 testing


Length: 139mm Width: 46mm Height : 23.1mm excluding nubs /25.1mm including nubs Weight: 265g Discharge: 100A continu ous, 125A-175A burst Passes UN T1-T8 testing

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