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Theme: big fun, big sharing, new realm of EZRun MAX5
To contin Rc Model Cars ue the popularity of EZRun MAX 8, HOBBYWING is launching EzRun MAX5, a brushless ESC product for 1: 5th models. Specially recruit players to try out new products. Players log in to the homepage of, click to enter the EzRun MAX5 event theme and register to participate in the trial activity. The finalists will receive the latest ESC product EzRun MAX5 (5 in total). Participating players have good gifts!
Participation theme:
HPI Racing introduces the RS4 Sport 3 Creator Edition version of its 1/10 4WD entry-level electric motor home. The RS4 is Best Rc Car Transmitter 2018 an evergreen model of the HPI brand, with players all over the world. The latest Creator Edition version still uses a one-piece synthetic material chassis, a sealed 4WD drive system, and a race-level suspension. The new version is pre-installed at the factory, allowing players to match rim tires and cars. Case and electronics. Whether it’s an American muscle car shell or a drift car, the RS4 Sport 3 Creator Edition can do it. Part number 118000.
Thi Traxxas Slash 2Wd Wheels s is a well-received product in the World Series before it is released. Designed for the top 1/12 electric flat road race. A smaller, lighter, more extreme product designed for the pursuit of excellence, a more complete, more prominent, and more scientific pure competition product.
Adjustable throttle and brake PWM frequency, convenient and easy-to-use independent programming port, comprehensive data recording function, support for WiFi module tuning, built-in BEC boost circuit, height of only 15.9mm, weight of only 35.6g Requires 1S LiPo power supply to burst 120A / peak 830A current. Powerful software functions and first-class hardware design make this ‘little guy’ a veritable ‘hard goods’. This new product is Hobbywing XeRun XR10. Pro 1S.

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