Traxxas Slash 4X4 Parts, Rc Toy Car, Rc Gearbox

Team Associated launches SC10 4 × 4 short-haul truck, which is a four-wheel drive short card (SC), 13mm large-capacity suspension, sealed receiver compartment (waterproof), newly designed limited-slip, sealed hybrid belt New features such as the transmission system and the use of 540 or 550-level motors have made this short-card performance reach a new high. This race-level short-card is believed to be on the market soon. Please wait and see!

SC10 4 × 4 Kit Features:
-Unique dual gearbox drive train coupled together with a 5mm heavy duty belt system with external tension adjustment
-32-pitch front and rear gearboxes with sealed fluid-filled differentials
-Decoupled center slipper clutch allows for front and rear wheel drive to slip independently, resulting in more traction and stability on bumpy track conditions
-CVAs with captured drive pins and heavy duty 6mm alloy axles
-12mm hex drive KMC \u0026 reg; replica wheels front and rear with aggressi Rc Gearbox ve short course racing tires Rc Toy Car
-Championship short course racing body (clear), with Team Associated decal sheet
-13mm blue aluminum big -bore threaded shocks with low friction X-ring seals
-Composite modular tub chassis with Traxxas Slash 4X4 Parts Low-CG and Low Polar Moment design
-Enclosed water-resistant receiver box, and removable ESC tray for easy clean up and maintenance < br>-Ball bearing steering system with adjustable steering stops
-All metric hardwar e and ball bearings throughout
-Uses most 540 and 550 brushless motors

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