Traxxas Slash Brushless, Best Off Road Remote Control Cars, Remote Control Car For 3 Year Old

HPI OCT Remote Control Car For 3 Year Old ANE has undergone meticulous r Best Off Road Remote Control Cars esearch and development for up to 5 years. After continuous improvement, OCTANE 1/8 petrol 4WD truck is launched! HPI has worked hard for this gasoline four-wheel drive truck, especially the 1 Traxxas Slash Brushless 5CC two-stroke gasoline engine developed in cooperation with the famous engine factory OS, plus the patented carburetor, which provides unparalleled fuel economy and brand new Petrol engine experience. OCTANE is presented to the player in the form of factory assembly. You only need to add gasoline and mix the original engine oil at 1:25 to conquer the gravity of the earth!
Limited quantityMugen announced the new MBX8 Eco E-Buggy 1/8 electric off-road vehicle. In January this year, Mugen released the new 1/8 race-grade oil-powered off-road vehicle MBX8 (Buggy). Research and development, including suspension, front and rear gearboxes, lightweight rear wing, etc., all use the oil-powered MBX8.
Mugen has redesigned the electric MBX8 floor to improve handling and steering continuity on bumpy roads; replacing it with 13T helical gears and 44T differential gears improves transmission efficiency, acceleration and extended service life. The Mugen HTD high-catch differential is also standard, and a newly designed equipment box that supports 4S lithium batteries is also included in the product. The car shell, hydraulic frame, and central drive shaft are also newly designed.Venom launched the world’s first lithium battery with built-in voltage measurement. Just press the voltage detection button on the surface of the battery, and the LED indicator can immediately display the voltage status of the battery. The seemingly simple function greatly facilitates the player. Venom’s lithium battery provides 7.4V 4500mAh 20C suitable for most 1/10 remote control cars and 14.8V 4500mAh 35C suitable for 1/8 remote control cars (such as off-road vehicles, bigfoot and truck). The battery connector is an Venom integrated connector. The hard shell, 12AWG link wire, and XH balanced connector are all used on this lithium battery.

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