Traxxas Slash Dirt Modified Body, Traxxas Slash Servo, Traxxas Blast Boat

Xray’s latest product, which has always maintained the mysterious XII 1 to 12 tie, has finally made its debut at the Thai World Championship. The car was driven by XRAY factory driver Alexander Hagberg and equipped with the LRP X12 electronic system. Although this is the second edition, it looks very similar to 1 to 12 of other brands on the market. However, XRAY chief designer Juraj Hudy (his 1 to 12 experience is not much) said: 1 to 12 is a very mature platform, and any new design can only improve performance with limited changes. XII Traxxas Blast Boat uses T-plate rear suspension, which h Traxxas Slash Servo as certain advantages on low-grip roads.

On July 15, a unit in Choi Ying Village, Ngau Tau Kok, Hong Kong, suspected that a remote control car charger was overheating and caused a fire. During the charging of the remote control car battery, the 32-year-old surnamed Sun, the battery overheated and caught fire. Smoke came from the burning furn Traxxas Slash Dirt Modified Body iture. The fire was quickly extinguished, and two cat corpses were found in the unit. It was initially believed that they were killed by inhaling dense smoke. More than 60 residents were evacuated during the fire. One woman and one one-year-old girl were unwell and had to be sent to hospital for examination.
RCFans Initiative: Lithium batteries and fuels are high-dangerous items. Players are requested to use lithium battery charging protection bags. During the charging process, put the batteries in a flame-resistant battery protection bag to charge! Be a responsible RCFans!

Corally has launched a series of new products, including RDX Phi upgrades and general-purpose products.

This RDX Phi’s upgraded differential can provide smooth operation and long life. It uses two super-hard differentials with 18 2.5mm ceramic beads. This design can provide greater torque and adapt to today’s powerful brushless systems.

Other new products include a special brushless motor box that can hold 4 rows of batteries, 2 small storage boxes, 3 motors and 2 rotors. There are also IB4600SHV and IB1600 batteries.

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