Traxxas Slash For Sale, 1 8 Brushless Motor, Rc Track

Sweep launched the STC-4 190mm RV housing, which meets the requirements of electric RV competitions (including IFMAR / EFRA / BRCA / ROAR regulations). The characteristics of the shell provide better balance performance, increase the downforce at the front and rear ends, and increase the bending speed. Sweep will provide 0.8mm regular thickness and 0.65mm lightweight versions for players to choose from, both versions include 1mm thickness fins.
AreaRC launches a 0-position ball joint rod joint bearing version for the use of LOSiDBXL gasoline remote control car. The rod part of the product is made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6CNC. It is equipped with 2 high-precision articulated bearings to reach 0 virtual position. At the same time, it uses the front and back teeth design to adjust the d Rc Track istance quickly. This product is suitable for DBXL front and rear pull rods and steering r 1 8 Brushless Motor ods. Available in 3 versions: red, black, chrome.
Area RC launched a metal Traxxas Slash For Sale rear C-seat enlarged bearing version for LOSI DBXL gasoline remote control cars. The product is CNC machined from aluminum alloy 6061-T6. The new design replaces the large bearing C. The bottom of the C seat has 2 screw holes. The Kimi screw can bear against the bearing to prevent the bearing from slipping and wearing the C seat when the speed is too fast. At the same time, two inclination adjustment positions are added for quick and easy adjustment. Three color options are available: red, silver, and black.
Hudy’s ProfiTools series of tools comes in two new models, 1.5mm V2 and .063 V2 hex screwdrivers. Made of synthetic material handles and Hudy spring steel, precision and life are guaranteed. ProfiTools belongs to Hudy’s entry-level product line and has a good price / performance ratio.
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