Traxxas Slash Gears, Cool Remote Control Toys, Rc Rat Rod Body

KM GROUP launched a new screwdriver, designed by Kong Xiangheng, 2006 IFMAR 1/10 GP Rc Rat Rod Body World Championship Champion, a total of four models.
1. Precision manufactured by CNC, the outer body of the handle is carefully made using an engraving machine Various models.
2.The blade body is made of new imported steel, the material is super hard
3. exquisite independent color box packaging

Number product name Cool Remote Control Toys
(1) KMR-AL151. 5 Traxxas Slash Gears x 120mm hexagon screwdriver
1.5 x 120mm Allen Wrench
(2) KMR-AL202.0 x 120mm hexagon screwdriver
2.0 x 120mm Allen Wrench
(3) KMR-AL252.5 x 120mm hexagon screwdriver
2.5 x 120mm Allen Wrench
(4) KMR-AL303.0 x 120mm hexagon screwdriver
3.0 x 120mm Allen Wrench
(5) KMR-BL202.0 x 120mm wave head Hexagon screwdriver
2.0 x 120mm Ball End Allen Wrench
(6) KMR-BL252.5 x 120mm wave head hexagon screwdriver
2.5 x 120mm Ball End Allen Wrench
(7) KMR-BL303. 0 x 120mm Hexagon Screwdriver
3.0 x 120mm Ball End Allen Wrench
(8) KMR-AY303.0 x 120mm Slot Screwdriver
3.0 x 120mm Flat Head Screwdriver
(9) KMR -AY404.0 x 120mm flat screwdriver
4.0 x 120mm Flat Head Screwdriver < br> (10) KMR-AY585.8 x 100mm flat screwdriver
5.8 x 100mm Flat Head Screwdriver
(11) KMR-AS404.0 x 120mm Phillips screwdriver
4.0 x 120mm Phillips Screwdriver < br> (12) KMR-AS585.8 x 120mm Phillips Screwdriver
5.8x 120mm Phillips Screwdriver
(13) KMR-AT555.5 x 100mm Nut Driver
5.5 x 100mm Nut Driver
( 14) KMR-AT707.0 x 100mm Nut Driver
7.0 x 100mm Nut Driver

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