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Thunder Tiger displayed the TTRobotix RoboHero robot at CES this year. It has 17 axes and can be controlle Slash 4X4 Lcg Bulkhead d by WIFI using iOS. It is equipped with a unique 160-degree mini steering gear. Players can download action scripts and even use 3D printers to make unique robot parts. It weighs 500 grams, dimensions H230 x W80 x D115 (mm), and uses 8.4V / 500mAh Lipo battery as power. The Thunder Tiger Traxxas Slash Rtr TTRobotix is ​​a consumer entertainment product, and KO Propo and Hitec have launched similar products.
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Xpress officially launches the new Execute FT1 1/10 FWD front-wheel drive racing electric RV. It adopts carbon fiber bottom plate and second floor, and the front and rear suspension frames are also made of carbon fiber. The belt drive and gear differential use the same model of XQ-1, with spring steel universal joint drive shaft. In addition to having good grip, even in large corners The angle steerin Traxxas Slash Parts g is also very smooth. The twist of the second floor is adjustable, and various battery fixed positions allow the frame to obtain a more reasonable center of gravity distribution and better site adaptability. The front anti-collision integrates a 30mm cooling fan seat, with front and rear anti-roll bars, reinforced suspension components and a newly designed steering system as standard. With a wheelbase of 256mm and a width of 190mm, this is a true FWD race-grade product, number # XP-90022. Please enter

HUDY introduces Quick Camber Gauge for 1/8 off-road cars, which can measure 1, 2 and 3 ° Camber angles. The position of the wheel nut is concave. Products such as HPI and Serpent have been launched, but Hudy’s work is still believed to conquer many players.



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