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3 Racing Sakura launched the Advance S 1/10 4WD electric RV, a cost-effective entry-level product with the genes of a r The Frog Rc Car ace-level ADVANCE. Ten years ago, 3 Racing launched the first Sakura S entry-level product, which swept the world and let more consumers join the RC ranks. Ten y Show Me Rc Cars ears later in 2019, the fourth-generation entry-level product ADVANCE S was listed as a milestone. It is a revolutionary upgrade from SAKURA NU to a new car based on the race-grade ADVANCE chassis design. Adopt 2.25mm thickness, 79mm FRP fiber bottom plate, 2.0mm FRP second floor and 3.0mm front and rear suspension frame; the gearbox adopts ADVANCE structure, the differential speed and suspension rocker are the same as ADVANCE EVO model, and the shock is replaced at the same time new model. The newly designed dual central gear supports 48 or 68P gears, and the newly designed motor mount can fully support brushless and brushed motors with a gear ratio of 1.9: 1. Steering and steering gear mounts are also brand new for more precise control.

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In order to allow players to enjoy the top speed and glory of the top driver Ryan Lutz in the 1/8 Fuel World Championship in Argentina last year (ranked 12th), Alpha Plus and Ryan Lutz cooperated based on the engine used in the world race. Add some better functions and features, and after 9 months of research and development, launch this new engine—.21-Ryan Lutz-WS World Edition Engine. In addition to increasing engine durabil Traxxas Slash Platinum ity and saving fuel, the new Lutz World Edition engine has been developed with the goal of improving performance. The first is the change of the crankshaft, the dynamic balance crank DEC. This design has not only been certified by the world patent, its characteristics are super wear-resistant and more fuel-efficient, while smoother. Adding a brass to the original silicone filling allows the crankshaft to achieve better balance. Another new change is the connecting rod, which uses better materials to make the connecting rod more wear-resistant. This Ryan Lutz new world engine was released globally at the same time in December. Suitable for 1/8 oil-powered off-road vehicles of various brands.

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