Traxxas Spartan Upgrades, Traxxas 1 16, Xinlehong 9125

* Three evaluation videos are provided for your reference. The power of the package in the video is Xinlehong 9125 2300KV, and the video content only represents my personal opinion.
Recommendation: 1200KV is the perfect choice for linearity. 1800KV is recommended for Traxxas 1 16 JK, ghost pipe racks and two-speed vehicles, and 2300KV is recommended for simulation performance.
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Features of concern:
1.FOC drive, perfectly linear, super Strong torque
RC industry is the first to use FOC (field-oriented control) driving method for climbing vehicle power system. Low-speed torque is very powerful, and it runs very smoothly at very low speed, far exceeding the ordinary brushless power system. Better than brushed power, the best choice for climbing vehicles.
2. Intelligent torque output and speed closed-loop control, easy to handle.
When the car is climbing, the ESC automatically increases the output torque to overcome the resistance to go uphill smoothly. Steady control of vehicle speed. Intelligent output torque makes handling so easy.
3. Exquisite and professional drag brake adjustment, super strong parking capacity on the slope.
Very delicate drag brake force and drag brake acceleration adjustment to meet different vehicle models, different venues and different control habits. The maximum drag brake force can be set to 200%, that is, the drag brake force is about twice that of an ordinary brushless power system, providing superb hill parking capacity.
4.Built-in Bluetooth, directly connect with mobile phone APP (it is very convenient Traxxas Spartan Upgrades to carry mobile phones with you)
ESC has built-in Bluetooth module, you can connect to mobile phone APP for parameter setting, data reading, firmware upgrade, etc. Simple and convenient
5. Efficient driving to ensure battery life
The entire set of power is driven by FOC. Compared with BLDC brushless and brushed power, it has higher efficiency and less heat, which effectively extends the battery life. Thanks to the sine wave driving method, the motor runs quieter and more compliant.
6. Rich and applicable parameters
The ESC is rich in 11 adjustable parameters and supports Turbo timing. When the road conditions are good, release the maximum speed of the motor.
* Haoying has a series of waterproof ESC and other word of mouth, so I will not include this set of power waterproof features.
1. Hobbywing AXE Brushless Kit CNRC Climbing Club Indoor Venue Evaluation
Fruit:KM Racing introduces special tools for engine bearing disassembly. It is easy and simple to use this tool to disassemble and disassemble the engine bearing. Suitable for all 12- and 21-level engines.
New from KM Racing is this engine bearing tool kit that allows the easy installation and removal of bearings. Made from high quality steel it is easy to use and suitable for all .12 and .21 size engines using the company’s different range of adapters and collets. The adapter and collet sets is sold separately and comes in 11.5mm and 11.9 – 12mm versions for .12 engines and in 14mm and 14.4mm versions for .21 engines.

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