Traxxas Trx 4 Body Shell, Rc Tracked Vehicle, Tekin Rsx

Recently received a lot of treasures, GC4M back bucket, UC6, ACE1 are here, I have no time to play, I am almost a collector, haha!
Looking at the accla Tekin Rsx imed ACE1 recently discussed, let’s send it out of the box first, hah Rc Tracked Vehicle a, I don’t know if it was the first one received, hey!
Pickup at home in the evening, haha ​​
Super cool GC4M back bucket, friends who are interested can pay attention, and follow-up will post the assembly process, haha ​​
Here is the ACE1 that everyone has been arguing about, this time What will happen to the performance of CAPO, please wait and see!
The outer packaging is in the dark series style, which is simple and straightforward. . . . .
I AM ROCK BUGGY, my wife looked at it and asked if I wrote it. . . . . .
Send a simple unboxing first, and the packaging is very simple.
Four tires with moderate hardness, which is harder than the traditional RC4WD’s 2.2 tires.
The visual inspection in the middle box is a car. Frame parts, two beams, feel like TRAXXAS material, should be carbon mixed
Four shock absorbers, already assembled at the factory, it seems that there is no oil, you need to fill it manually
This box is mainly Gearbox gear, light unit
Everyone should be concerned about the axles. They have been assembled at the factory, but they must be completely disassembled and reassembled once. Many screws feel loose, just take a look at COMD2. What ’s the turn of the situation, haha ​​
UC6, I always wanted to start and did n’t want to, but finally gritted his teeth, the man must be harder on himself, haha, it seems that only when the New Year is free to assemble
Crossrc launched the third wave of new SG4 and SR4 performance upgrades. Product number: 97400337, 105 grams of central weight of G2 axle. Players can freely match according to their driving habits, which can further reduce the center of gravity of the car and improve the stability of up and down steep slopes. It only requires two screws for installation, which is simple and reliable. The upgrade kit is suitable for direct installation and upgrade of the currently sold Crossrc SG4A, SG4B, SR4A, SR4B models.

No. 97400339, 75g / single wheel; 97400340, 105g / single wheel; DemonCNC metal wheel with built-in weight. By weighting the four wheels to improve the climbing status of the climbing vehicle, the rim weight is the most direct method, with 75 grams and 105 grams, respectively. A reasonable four-wheel counterweight can improve the adhesion of the four wheels to the ground and improve the ability to pass through obstacles.

ID: 97400347; Traxxas Trx 4 Body Shell Simulation antenna kit. In addition to receiving GPS and radio signals, the antenna of a real off-road vehicle also serves as a reminder of the position of the vehicle in front of it, as an important safety sign. This simulation antenna kit requires only one screw to install, immediately improving the degree of simulation.

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