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First of all, thank you all for your support for our CROSSRC simulation truck series. Many netizens are using our products in the forum. Recently, we have received feedback from some users that some of our 1/12 series simulation trucks have gear skipping phenomenon under severe use conditions (load bearing, climbing slopes, etc.) shortly after assembly and landing. Attention, in recent days, engineering and technical personnel have been organized to test the problems reflected by users, and carried out a detailed analysis of the possible changes in the state of the internal components of the axle under the extreme conditions.
After analyzing the failure phenomenon and change points, the batch of axle housings processed around April of 2014 was the most noteworthy. In order to reproduce the extreme conditions, the technicians designed test fixtures and installed the original factory on hard materials. The 27T motor is directly connected to the original gearbox. The motor is directly connected with a 7.2V batter Rc Race Track y. The gearbox is directly connected to the middle bridge. The original tires are removed, and weights of 20cm in diameter are installed. Use the axle housing processed in April to install the mid-bridge according to the standard installation procedure. After connecting the test fixture, perform the test of repeated switching on and power-on (equivalent to the state of full acceleration of the accelerator on a flat road with a heavy load). After Tamiya Grand Hauler Upgrades about 200 times, tooth skipping occasionally occurs at the moment of starting. When a destructive test (forced tire stop) is performed, the number of times of tooth skipping in the middle bridge teeth increases when starting.
Replace the middle axle housing with the newly processed axle housing. Assemble the new middle axle using standard parts and installation procedures. Under the same test conditions, conduct the switch energization test. When the number of switches exceeds 1,000, the middle The bridge condition is still normal, and no tooth skipping occurs. When the destructive test is performed, the middle bridge assembly works normally. Under the action of strong torque, the drive shaft is broken. After the transmission shaft was replaced and then the destructive test was performed, the middle bridge assembly still operated normally without tooth skipping. After repeating it for dozens of times, the transmission shaft was broken again. It can be verified that the material of the axle housing is an important cause of Traxxas Udr Wheels this problem.
From the development of the CROSSRC military card series to the end of March 2014, the processing of the axle housing has been made of polycarbonate. Due to the poor fluidity of this material, the processing and molding are difficult, which affects normal production. In the middle bridge processed in the middle of the month, the bridge housing was changed from the original polycarbonate material to the reinforced nylon material. During the pre-assembly test, the most severe use environment was not used for testing, so that hidden problems were not exposed.
Because the middle bridge gears are made of metal and have a good meshing state, under severe conditions of use, the force between the gears deforms the nylon axle housing. When the deformation situation is intensified, it may cause users Reflected gear jumping. As the currently processed axle housing accessories have been changed to better imported grade polycarbonate materials, in order to solve the user’s problems, if your customers purchase the CROSSRC simulation truck from April, the mid axle housing is made of matte nylon. If the bridge slips after loading, you can contact your model shop or your online dealer to provide free after-sales service. We will supply the latest bridge assembly for replacement. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to CROSSRC users, and once again thank the friends who have always followed and supported CROSS RC. With your criticism and suggestions, we can go further on the road to achieving our dream The road ahead is always full of challenges. We will make unremitting efforts to make our products the best. I hope everyone will witness together.
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